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Novice skier looking for advice...

So I'm a new skier from Edmonton Alberta, and I wanted to ask what I should do next!

I'm 18 and I've skied four times in my life. Although the first time (three years ago)hardly counts for anything since I didn't know what the hell I was doing... I've recently gotten into skiing after I went and had a ski lesson at Marmot Basin. I skied a long time on the bunny hill, and just before we had to leave, I went on to try the School House area. I wiped out a few times (I remember a snowboarder saying "happens to the best of us dude" haha), and came down proud. Coming back to Edmonton, I realized how fun skiing was, and I wanted to go again. So I went to Snow Valley (a ski club close by), and had another novice lesson there, practically repeating what I had learned at Marmot. I've been hooked on skiing every weekend until two weeks ago.

I'm a beginner-intermediate skier, I could go down a hill and do the swerving motion, and I could stop pretty well going down at a fast-ish speed. I'm 5'10 1/2. I'm pretty skinny, I weigh more or less 130 lbs.

Today I went to a Sports Mart close by and bought a pair of size 28.5 Nordica Cruise 60 ski boots (I researched on these boots and apparently they're a good transition from renting), and I wanted to know what to do next. What skis (all mountain probably) and poles should I buy? Is it all right skiing at night (cheaper rentals and passes)?

I hope you guys didn't get to bored reading my wall of text haha, I just wanted to give some background info on my skiing experience.


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Ski and ski poles brands like Burton and Jones are good.

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Skiing ANYTIME gets my vote! As for buying skis, I would not rush into it, if its possible demo a few pairs so you can learn what gets you excited, if you can't demo then hire on mountain and try a few brands/styles/lengths over your next few visits, when you find the one that makes you want to sing or high 5 everyone on the way past then you have found your "babies"
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Keep it wedged untill you really get the hang of it. Don't be imbarrest to snow plow. It's when you start to push it too early is when you hit a tree.
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