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Package Deal or Compile own holiday?

Crystal, Thomas Cook, Inghams all offer package deals with flights, lift passes, ski hire, hotel etc. (in the UK anyway)

I could go and investigate this by adding up the possible costs of my own custom made holiday myself, but what are the community's general feelings about the value offered by putting your holiday in the hands of a travel company, and whether buying my own flights, accommodation etc. is likely to come up with a price close to or less than that quoted in a package?

Specifically, I notice the majority of package deals are Saturday-Saturday flights, which is in my experience always the most expensive day of the week to fly. We have no reason to go Saturday to Saturday as we are simply booking our own time off work and would be entirely capable of going Tuesday-Tuesday or anything...

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Hi Freshfreshpowder,

I couldn't agree more with you. Saturday to Saturday travel is the most expensive, so you might want to check out some of our packages, as we can include accommodation, ski passes and ski hire, and they are designed to match up with low cost airlines flying into low cost airports (Ryanair, Easyjet, BMIbaby going to Milan Bergamo, Venice Geneva etc)
From our experience, our customers tell us they find travelling with us cheaper that the other high street names but why not check us out for yourself?

: )

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