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Park/Freestyle Skis W/ A Budget?

Hey guys, new to the forum.

Was recently looking around for a good forum to post a simple question and this seemed like a good place to start.

So, I'm around 5'9 150-160 ish and was wondering what the best park or mix (park all mountain) skis for aound 300 would be. And if you could include bindings to (does not have to still be around 300 after that) would be great. (Skill level III)

Basically I'm looking for a good park ski around 300 that will do great on jumps/rails etc. and still be fun on the slopes not just the park.


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I suggest Utah and Vermont. Plenty of choices. Check out some at this site:

Ski Resorts

Hope this helps

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Nah, lol

I mean, I'm looking for a pair of skis not a place to go skiing. Haha.

Re-read =] (300$ = price range of Ski's)
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