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Question about Mantra Skis


I live in Colorado, first full season of skiing was last year. I started with basic blues, but by the time the season was over I was doing any and all confidentaly at the resorts I had a pass to (ABasin, Keystone, Breck). I had basic skis for my first season, pretty heavy, common rentals at most places, nothing special at all. I decided I wanted to get better skis, so I picked up a pair of Mantras 177. The skis I had last season were 169s, and althhough I felt good hitting most terrain, I felt most uneasy when going down variable blacks, when I needed to get in and out of quick turns. I am concerned that I got the wrong size in the Mantras, I am thinking I should have gone with the 170s instead. I am 5'9.5'' and around 180-185.

Is it going to make any difference if I went with the 170, rather than the 177's? We are talking about 2.5 to 3 inches of difference, so I am not sure if it would really matter, however I am still concerned.

Again, any help would be great. Thanks!

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