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Ski class 'failed' to keep boy safe

At the beginning of 2003, 9-year-old Mathew Armutlu started down a trail at a Laurentian ski hill when suddenly the novice lost control, sped into the woods and apparently smashed into a rock.
He awoke from a 13-day coma unable to see, walk, talk or read.

more here - http://blog.mlive.com/lcn/2008/01/yo...y_injured.html

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Wow thats some horrible story!

But how did he hit the boy if he was grooming a closed run?

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the groomer was going from one closed area to another via an open trail I guess

at least they didn't blame the lesson or the instructor
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Administrator 'failed' to be accurate

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Your title seems to blame the child's ski lesson for the accident. The responsibility for this accident is more in the hands of the school supporting the outing, the chaperons of the trip, in this case the child's parents, the operator of the groomer and the ski area operator but in no way can you say a ski class that ended 90 minutes earlier was even remotely involved in the accident. Maybe you should be blamed too. I've commented on your apparent support of unsanctioned inverted arials in another thread and I am waiting to be locked out for my comments. You are irresponsible.
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