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Ski Savings Tips

Rather than stay at the resort itself, one should consider staying off the resort and may actually save a bundle. I ski mostly at Sugarloaf, and I stay off the resort at the mountain at the Herbert Hotel in Kingfield. I drive 15 mins, park at the mountain, and ski for the day. At the end, I drive back to the Herbert Hotel. It is always a value deal for my family and me. The 15 min drive is a minor inconvenience for me when I save money which can be used for my kids.

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You got that right. The loaf is way more affordable when you stay off mountain. How often do you get to Saddleback? Their lift tickets are still under $50 and it looks like they have done major expansion. I haven't been there in years and found out about all the new stuff while researching for my website. I have to get up there this year. Info for The Maine ski areas and Maine ski resorts. There are a lot of good deals and uncrowded mountains.

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Ski Saving Tips

We do Sugarloaf mostly, and only because we enjoy staying at the Herbert Hotel. It is always so crowded and noisy at the mountain, that at the end of the day, we love getting off the mountain. We have not tried Saddleback as yet, but will though, seems like you think we should. And we may stay at the Herbert, though it would be about a 30-35 minute drive instead.
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You wanna know about expensive.... I am in Brisbane Australia and there is no snow here... Brisbane is like Miami.... anyway Perisher in NSW costs about $1000 for 5 days EACH PERSON just for accomodation... lift pass ect is about $450 on top !!!

We get ripped here..... I iwsh I lived in Europe somewhere......
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