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Ski school (kids) at south lake tahoe

hi, i'm new to this whole ski vacation thingy.
was wondering if any of you who's been to South Lake Tahoe would give some advice to which ski school i should register my 5 & 8 yr old kids to.
i've heard of heavenly but they're pricey. i just need some very basic instructions for the kids to begin with, no fancy mountains, or scenic.
we'll be staying at Stateline, NV.

thanks a bunch!

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If you are going to be in Stateline you should probably do Heavenly. I can't imagine that there is a huge price differential for any of the other areas. Have fun on your trip.

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I've used most of the children's ski schools around Tahoe and Heavenly is very good. I'd also recommend Sierra at Tahoe. It's a great school, less expensive and you have better access to the school from wherever you may be on the mountain (Heavenly is huge and you may realize you're 30 minutes away from the ski school when pick up time is in 10 minutes). Sierra at Tahoe runs free shuttle buses from south shore so it's easy to get there.
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