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Skiers Edge

I have done several extensive searches here and else where re the Skiers Edge exercise machine. Have found few post on this site and on a couple other forums, but nothing to in epode path or recent.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts, both own or owned one in the past, is it worth the price, etc.


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It's more fun than a treadmill! If you can get one cheap on ebay and are going to use it for improving core strength and getting your legs ready for the coming season then I'd go right ahead, however if your expecting it to translate to the slope and improve your technique without lessons and practice then forget it.
This is purely my opinion having borrowed a friends for a few weeks. I think long term it would have ended up under my ironing pile for most of the year in favour of getting outside to get fit.

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definitely not wanting to use it to translate to the slope or improve technique. w/ that said, did you find it to 'simulate' skiing motions of sort and help your skiing in any ways besides from it preparing the 'body' for the coming season?

it looks like a work out and a half. i have kept my eye out on ebay and such, but they are far and few to be found. not sure if that is a sign that people use them and don't want to part w/ them or feel guilty dropping a chunk of change on the machine and not wanting to cut their losses sort of speaks.
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It was FUN, it was not much like real skiing but obviously better than a cross trainer, the benefit is that it IS working the right muscle groups. I would imagine that fewer people would damage knees if they used this for a couple of months prior to their holiday (this is opinion not documented fact) I'd have thought the similar movements would (repeated over time) help strengthen and stabilise those joints. I think anyone who is in better physical shape because of using the machine will improve their skiing (but then anyone who sheds 20kg and takes up running between seasons will too) simply because things are easier and less taxing on your body when your fit.
Like I said if 1 was available CHEAP I would jump on it then I wouldn't feel too bad when it only gets used 3 months a year.
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Improves strength and endurance. The machine is great for your legs and strengthen your arms.

Had one before.

Skiing in South America
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