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Skiing for Christmas

Hello all! Hoping to get an answer to a question I can't find on any resort websites...my husband and I are thinking of planning a ski vacation for us and our kids, ages 6 and 9. Being from Florida, we've never experienced a "white Christmas" so we are pretty excited to experience snow, especially for the kiddos! However, my concern is the tree! It's not Christmas without a tree to wake up to and I can't seem to find an answer as to whether resorts will allow/provide a Christmas tree in your room. We've never spent Christmas in a hotel before so this has never come up! Any insight into this?

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Hi Floridiot I understand your concern about this. I've known really great hotels that can cater your needs to this Christmas idea. But I'm not sure if what place you'd like to stay. I can suggest these websites that I'm sure will provide you the best place to ski and have fun. Here it is.

http://www.skiorganizers.com/ and http://www.toursdesport.com/

Plenty of choices Hope that help.

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We have found that in European hotels they will let you decorate your bedroom at your own expense but they go all out in the public areas with the decs. If your in a chalet for private use decs are usually provided, if your sharing a chalet, they decorate the public areas only but allow you to basically do what you want in your room as long as you don't pose a fire risk! In addition if you are there the week before xmas too you may be invited to go tree shopping!? If I were you I'd email the place you WANT to stay in direct and ask them. P.s we usually take a tiny battery operated light up tree for the kids to put on their chest of drawers in our accomadation and then hang a small stocking of gifts xmas eve while they are asleep so they have something to open on the big day. They know Santa has not forgotten them but has left their big gifts at home waiting for them because they won't fit in the car/plane and he wouldn't want them to have to leave them behind! One of our neighbours back home will move our xmas tree and the gifts from our garage to our living room whilst we are away in return for some duty free whisky! The little ones love having 2 xmas days and don't seem to bat an eyelid about missing traditional christmas day. Whatever you decide, have a great holiday x
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You can also save a bunch of money by renting your kids ski clothes instead of buying them new (and outgrowing them and buying them new again). I know that snowcents rents kids clothes. There are others I'm sure. Have fun!
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Where did you end up going? New England had its best Christmas break in recent history and it is snowy again now.
Vermont Ski Resorts
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Watch this video from the Spanish Pyrenees and its stations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoPBD0punhA

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