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Skiing with a stiff ankle?

Hi. I started taking a weeklong yearly vacation at nearby ski resort because there are alot of different things there to do and tubing is fun. Every year we spend some time at the ski lodge watching people ski and it looks like alot of fun and I want to try it.

My problem is I have a stiff ankle from a car accident some years ago. It has been fused and does not bend at all. I notice that most ski boots seem to have the ankle bent forward and my ankle won't bend.

Would it still be possible for me to ski?

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Go to a ski shop and try on some ski boots. Walk around in them for a while. If there's no pain then you can ski. Bending the ankle is impossible in ski boots anyway. One bends from the knee.

Give it a shot, why not.

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Racerjohn. I have a really bad ankle that I have trashed several times and have lost some flexibility in it. The ankle always feels best when in a ski boot or hockey skate. Agree with Teddy give it a shot.
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You should try Telemarking boots in plastic,Its almost like Downhill botts, but you can easely go outback hiking s.o
In kombination with Nordick mountain touring skies ore Telemark skies you can do all kinds of skiing.
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