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Snow Kiting- Ever thought about it?

Anyone ever been interested in learning to snow kite?

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I've just taken up Kiteboarding (Kiting in the Sea) which is a lot scarier than I expected, being attached to a 12 metre kite is terrifying. Anyway I think Snowkiting would be even scarier - rocks to crash in to, pistes to fall off! Check this out......


Get on the Piste!
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There is that. But if you choose your location well then it can be amazing. Rocks and cliffs are best avoided as are turbulent winds. You might find it less scary than on the water as you don't need to handle so much power due to the lack of friction. You can go up hill in about 10mph of wind. You can also access fresh snow far from the crowds without paying for a lift pass.
Best to learn with an instructor and find out where other people are going.

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I've been doing both snowkiting and regular kiting for about 3.5 years now.

It's such a great sport to learn if you have the proper guidance but don't just tackle it without reading lots about it. Make sure you know everything about the safety release system on your kite before trying it.

I enjoy regular kiting on water much more but snowkiting off 15ft drops and stuff around here is pretty fun too!

Good luck.
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