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Sun Peaks Resort's Snow Bum - me to win...?

Hey Guys.
Have you been hearing rumours about a mad competition in Canada to be a paid Snow Bum? Well, it's true - Sun Peaks Resort in BC are looking for someone to bum the snow for a whole 3 months and tell everyone all about it via multi-media blogs and I hope to be the one to do it!

Most of you will have plans for this season already and I'm not joining you because of my total lack of cash after uni and lack of visas this year but this could be my gateway to the snow and a career with it! I was the film editor of my uni's paper; did an extra module in media and marketing and have even authored ski and board articles despite my editor's disapproving looks: I've got media experience and want to apply it and learn more at Sun Peaks, whilst having an absolute blast and informing everyone about it via exciting blogs - and then hopefully gain a journo job afterwards.

I'm at my parents in France at the minute - stranded and jobless, so fingers crossed ay? So if you reckon the video's cheesiness deserves a nod of praise, please visit my entry at:
and please leave me some feedback (if you like the video that is, ha) - that'd be O for awesome because the more views and comments I get - the better my chances. Hope you like the video, which is amateur I know and there's no music because of my haste to apply (trust me, i'm kicking myself now) and any support would be very, very, very, much appreciated! Wish me luck!

Laura x

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`Ello again!

If anybody´s interested, I made it into the final twenty applicants!!
I have an interview and written assignment before Sun Peaks announces THE Snow Bum on December 1st.
If anyone checked out my video, thankyou very much! If you commented on someone elses, ha, then fair enough. I´m so lucky to have made it this far and am super stoked and super tense about the final result.
Comments and video hits could still help so feel free: if you like my entry that is!
Be in no doubt that I want this more than anything!!!

Cheers x
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