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Teenager management on the Slopes

I am starting to plan our family's 2nd ski trip for early winter. But, I am hesitant because my two boys (12 and 14) are now faster skiers than I am with more stamina. What do I do to keep them safe??
They don't even stay together because the 14 year old is faster than the 12 year old. Last time I just put them in ski lessons for 3 days but they really wanted to be free of that confinement. The 4th day I tried skiing with them but it ended up with the three of us getting separated and meeting at the bottom of Beaver Creek. I did come upon my 12 year old as he had lodged himself into a drift and needed help freeing himself.
What do other families do when the parents can't keep up?
I don't want to go skiing and worry the whole time about our boys’ safe or whereabouts. There must be a good answer to this. Please help!

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I'm still a teenager (17) and i find its much easier if you are able to purchase walkie talkies and just buzz them every so often. It helps to know when to stop for lunch or to meet up and ride a few runs together or show off some cool paths.
hope this helps.

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Hey, I just jumped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read but I appreciate your thoughts anyway. Thank you for reading something worthwhile.
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I second the use of walkie talkies. I've used them in the past with friends and it really helps to keep everyone in touch throughout the day.
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just be wary of the frequency of the radios when you're using them. joking aside the local emergency services will use them too...
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walkie talkies would really help and aside from that you can ask somebody that is good in skiing to look for your son while on skiing. this will provide you an assurance that somebody will be there if they need help.
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walkie talkies lol....

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