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I ski, not snowboard.

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Originally Posted by mortabunt View Post
I ski, not snowboard.
Here's a link on demographics for kids who ski

More kids skiing and snowboarding

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well tons of people ski and snowboard and i see pleanty of each age group but its all about what type of skiing or riding you do that the age groups realy start to change like for example the realy old people just do groomers and stuff or cross country then the older people all like race and dont like the younger people who freestyle ski and are very weird about it because they know that there type of skiing is not going to hold up much longer and almost all the skiers age like 10 to 17 all freestyle ski
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Getting older definitely limits your skiing options. Even at 32 my body won't take the knocks it did 15 years ago.

jullo177. Race programs are still very big for kids who live in resorts and ski a lot (both in the US and Eurpoe). I don't see that stopping anytime soon. They were never a big part of the casual skiers vacation plans. I'm not a huge fan, but I see race skiing as being a pure variation of the sport - 'get down a mountain as quick as you can'. There are no fancy rules, judging, etc. The score is an absolute - like the 100m sprint. The purer variations of sports tend to evolve less over time.

I don't feel older people are weird about freestyle skiing because race skiing isn't going to hold up much longer. Every generation invents its variation of all sports. In 20 years freestyle skiing is going be considered out of fashion and the teenagers will be doing something else. That's great - it moves sports on, keeps new people interested and ultimately gets people out to enjoy the mountain. People bringing in new variations deliberately exclude the bulk of the existing participants as they want to be different. The bulk of existing skiers are happy for them to be different as long as it doesn't interfere with their enjoyment of the sport.
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Skiing, since most of the girls like how I am the one teen skiing on the slopes while everyone else is snowboarding =)

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