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Old 11-01-06, 12:50 PM   #16
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My tip would just be to look out for that tree that is comming towards you. Yes you know the one.. Fast, big, green nails on it. When you see it comming jump either left or right. Do not, i say again, Do not try to stop, just jump left or right. hehe..

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Originally Posted by HostBidder View Post
Anyone got any tips for trying to learn how to ski when you are so hungover and tired that you can barely walk?

try skiing when your to drunk and can barely walk ... hah take a glass of water before u go bed and a painkiller, and be sure to wake up with a glass of water next to bed the next morning... and you won't be hungover not to bad anyways

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definitely shotgun a can of beer, instant hangover remedy. Fresh air as stated above is the best way though, that way you aren't drunk again on your warm up lap. Though if you want the best remedy, become friends with an emt and get an IV first thing in the am
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Old 28-05-08, 01:44 PM   #19
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Apres ski

UTbeastie, cant believe you have never heard of the term apres-ski pronounced apray ski btw. as a brit I ski alot across the pond, mainly Whistler, Vail, and Breck - and they sure know what it is there! You'll have to hook up with us at some point and we'll really show you
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Old 30-07-08, 04:15 PM   #20
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I ski in the states and have heard Apres-Ski...both in Colorado (Breck) and Seven Springs, PA. Unfortuantely, I have not found the cure for what normally happens afterward
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Old 22-09-08, 07:56 PM   #21
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Take something to get rid of the pain, bleed it out, not ski, or cut back on the booze.

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