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Tips for skiing moguls?!

Skiing on moguls is on of the hardest techniques to master..... what are peoples tips?

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I agree that it is very hard to do, i have tried it a few times just messing about but I'd imagine you need to be really fit to do it as I go tired very easily. It's also quite sore on the knees.

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written about skiing moguls... have a look here

ask any questions... or add anything
"If your not living on the edge you are taking up too much space"

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Aim for the valleys, not the tops. Use all lower body to turn and keep the skis on the snow all the time. Keep skis closer together for agility.
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crashing hurts
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Man- you guys can have those moguls all to yourselves. I'm an old man compared to many of you guys and I just don't have any interest in getting beat up by the mountain any more than I absolutely have to
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Skiing in moguls is hard for some people because the flexing and extending you do when your not in the moguls is opposite. When skiing on trail, you are fully extended, legs straight at the end of your turn, in the moguls your legs are fully extended at the apex of turn and flexed at the end.
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moguls are the greatest!

Hey guys, I'm closing in on 70 and I ski bumps, and will continue to as long as the ski/snowboard resorts continue to put them out each day. there aint no secret to skiing them. BUT, it definitely helps to have a good "skill foundation" first.

When somebody tells me they can't ski bumps because its hard on their knees, I get a little skeptical. Hey if you don't want to ski them, you don't need an excuse--not unless u r trying to convince urself. it's ok with me--just gives me more room on the hill. Just don't tell me it's hard on my knees, not unless you had several knee injuries, ACL tears or knee replacements, or arthritis. I would agree. I've had knee injuries--but mostly from playing baseball.

Figure out how many times u flex ur knees during ur average day--like when u squat on the toilet, get in ur car, sit down, get up, up the stairs , down the stairs, etc., etc.--Have ur knees ever hurt from that? And that's just normal do nothing living. So when u go to the gym and ride the stationary bike, jog around the gym or play half court basketball--do ur knees ever hurt? Bet ur quads and lower back hurt more.

If you really want to learn how to ski moguls, but are having trouble in bumps, take a bump lesson. The first thing the instructor will do is check out your skills and get them up to where they should be for bumping and then will show u stuff on terrain that u would not necessarily associate with bump skiing. U don't need a 100% bump hill to learn bump skiing. But u do need the desire and commitment to learn.
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Man I love bumps. I used to spend the whole day hunting out the best mogul fields. I'd literally spend every run doing as many bumps as possible. They're especially fun when you're with a friend. Alot of my friends used to snowboard and they used to bumps, so find a bump buddy.

Here are a few tips that I find to be usefull.

- Make sure you're in good shape.
- Skiing Moguls is about finding the rythmn and the best line. No insult to novice or snowboarders, but I prefer to stick to bumps on steeper trails as they are less likely to have been plowed over or spread out sporadically. (but intermediate bumps are great to learn on, eventually you'll want more tightly-knit bumps)
- Once you get into the bumps you'll learn how to best maneuver through them and eventually it actually becomes easy (unless your racing a friend)
- Keeping centered is important and knowing how to absorb into the bump without being tossed or falling behind the bump.
- Once you're accomplshed and confident, you should be able to look down the mogul field and know the exact line you're going to take.
- Practice practice practice.

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Originally Posted by lovethepiste View Post
Skiing on moguls is on of the hardest techniques to master..... what are peoples tips?
What kind of technique is a mogul?
Gimme some differnt skiing techniques... Common, please gimme some tips
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its just dthe technique of staying in a line all the way down the run. hitting evry mogul and skipping to the next while using your knees as shocks when you hit every mogul. it is kinda hard to explain.
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Free Weekly eMail Mogul & Powder Skiing Tips

Aspen has a very successful multi-day mogul skiing clinic - Bumps For Boomers - that teaches skiers how to safely navigate moguls in full control without the need for fast reflexes ... and without stressing your knees or back. The Bumps For Boomers web site ( www.BumpsForBoomers.com ) also offers visitors the ability to sign up to receive free weekly mogul and powder skiing tips via email. The tips come directly from the on-snow skiing clinics. Also available is a link to a recent NY Times article on the program. Bumps For Boomers is an adult specialty program of the Ski & Snowboard Schools Of Aspen.
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Free Weekly eMail Mogul & Powder Skiing Tips
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Does anyone have a good moguls instructor that they would reccommend? Preferably in Colorado?

Whoops....I should have looked at the post above mine! LOL
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Just say no to bumps

If I were the King of Winter there would be no such thing as bump skiing technique. You are snow skiing, just ski ON the snow. Yeah, the terrain may change from flat to steep to flat really fast but it's a matter of making the appropriate adjustment over the front or back of the skis that keeps you ON the snow. If you ski in proper balance all terrain and conditions will be in your grasp. I know you bumpers out there may disagree but I find that the ability to control turn shaping in all conditions is preferable to one specific style or technique applicable to only one condition. I see skiers sucked into the short turn zipper line all the time but I rarely see anyone making medium or long turns in bumps.
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1. pick your line that you want to go down
2. make sure your knees stay close together
3. always lean forward!

Look at the tips before you dis!
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