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Tips for speed control in parallel turn!

Hello all,

i am a beginner and learn parallel turn now.
In beginner slope, my speed is under control but not in immediate level.
i am not sure but i feel my stance is changed due to speed and my downhill leg is extended to much just after turn and the skis seperate apart widely.Help is needed!!!

i found skier practise parallel turn as followed:
1 Stand both skis still at right angle to slope
2 Pole plant at some where(??) downhill
3 Start rotate around the pole and stop sharply after turn

i tried but end up traversing very fast followed by a fall
i read books but no info.

Love skiing,

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Hi Nicola, I'm no expert but when I learnt to ski a few years ago I was taught to bend my knees and push up on the downhill ski thereby putting all my weight on the downhill ski. This should cause the other ski to automatically follow the downhill ski around. You could also try lifting the non-downhill ski off the ground slightly so that you can realise that the downhill ski does all of the work when turning. (all of your weight should be on the downhill ski when parallel turning)

There are some useful videos on Youtube to help teach you the proper techniques. Search the term "How to parallel ski". They should help you to understand how to do parallel turns I think.

Good luck.

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great tips there james, its all about learning where you can place the center of your gravity..
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Thanks jayjimmyjames
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To learn chemistry study chemistry. To learn basketball practice basketball.

To learn to ski, ski a lot. Practice practice practice, and don't be afraid to fall and soon you will be a good skier.
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