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Toddler skiing

I am going to start teaching my 2.5 year old to ski this winter. Are there any parents out there who have had any experience and some valuable tips on making it enjoyable for both child and parent?

Here are my thoughts so far... I don't want to waste money on brand new expensive skiis, so I'm thinking on buying my stuff from a ski swap. My little guy has grown 4 inches in the past 6 months so I anticipate I'll be buying all new stuff again next year. Also, I'd imagine waterproof ski pants, jacket, and gloves are a must.

Any recommendations on apparrel and training techniques?

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My friend has a sister who started skiing when she was 2, you might have some troubles having cooperation but they will thank you later. The one thing i recommend is one of those rubber thing that hold the ski tips together. Im not sure what they're called.

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Yea, the one thing I want is for him to be confident early. So far he's shown alot of interest in skiing and he loves going sleigh riding, so I'm thinking he'll be fairly cooperative. Thats a great idea, the things that go on the ski tips. I'll find out what they are.

Thanks for the response.
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one of the real important things is make sure they are allways having fun. if they are getting tired of it for the day then leave.
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Definitely, the last thing I'll ever do with my little guy is make him do something he doesn't want to do.

So far I think he'll love it. He loves staying outside to play in the snow, doesn't get cold, and is very strong and athletic. I've even shown him videos of skiing and he now says on his own "I wanna go skis"
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Lots of helpful comments have been written in. But I would like to throw in my "2 cents" for whatever it is worth. I started both my boys and one nephew at young ages, Sam at 3 and my older son, Jeff and nephew, Jamie at 4.

1. You got it right on the apparel. Re. the equipment--you also got it right-- Get really short skis 60 or 70 cm's--up to the bottom of his/her chin. They won't be able to control longer ones, not at that age. Some retail shops sell equipment on consignment, since other parents have already gone thru this.

2.. You left out HELMET. Also can be purchased at consignment shops specializing in ski wear/equipment. For sure, get one. I won't go into the horror stories I heard. Trust me on this one! And goggles for eye protection--NOT SUN GLASSES----GOGGLES! I always worried not so much about falls, but about someone crashing into Sam, or vice-versa. Goggles will offer more eye protection than sun glasses.

3. Sounds like you are introducing your child to the snow in a logical fashion--Also I am guessing you live in the northeast where snowfall is common. So that is a plus in that he/she is used to the snow.

4. Re. technique, probably as many techniques as readers. First off, let your toddler get used to skis on a flat surface--where he/she can march around and experiment--give 'em a few hours or until they get tired or bored.

5. Next, find a gentle pitch without riding a lift and follow the approach in #6. If you plan on riding a lift, take the slowest shortest chair lift available--NO POMA OR T BAR--at least not yet. You may find you will have to carry the kid on the lift the first few times. Most resorts can handle placing toddlers on lifts--the seats of beginner chairs are usually very low and move very slowly. Avoid lifts with a pole running up the middle of the seat, at least for now.

6. When going down the slope with your child, there are various positioning approaches. I have seen instructors hold a pole out horizontal to the child so the child can grab the pole and get used to sliding down the hill. This helps control the speed. But toddler instructors have all kinds of special equipment. Method I used was having Sam between my legs, WITH SAM GRABBING my HANDS (holding onto me), and me in a wedge. (Important that child hold on to you, not YOU HOLDING THE CHILD. Child should be able to place full weight on the skis, only holding onto your out-stretched hands for security. You will be moving very slowly in this position. You should not be using poles so both hands are free.

7. With a little patience and on a very mellow slope--(sorry, but your child may not quite be ready for Corbitts Colour or K-27--then again, toddlers never cease to amaze me on what they are capable of doing), your toddler will break away when he/she is ready and/or wants to. That depends on factors beyond the scope of this reply; sometimes beyond our control. You will discover lots of bonding going on between you and your toddler and sometimes, even when ready, they prefer to keep holding on to you--it's a security thing at a very early age. (remember the part about patience and bonding)

Riding the chair lift with a toddler is another story. Sam once fell asleep riding the lift. I had to ski down with him in my arms. Recommend observing your toddler's nap time. Also, be alert to necessary pit stops. Toddlers can forget in moments of excitement, especially boys.

This approach worked for me and a bunch of my friends with toddlers. Older kids--different story entirely.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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just don't pressure the kid and he'll be fine. stay safe!
When i need alpine skiing coz i already know the basics of downhill skiing.
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Excellent post scottp96145!

I think that summed up everything he needs to know!

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