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Dry off your skis, and boot your boots in a tree to keep their shape. If you have really nice skis you might want to think about waxing them every now and then especially if you store them for a while between uses, but you dont need to wax EVERY time, thats just a waste of wax

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Originally Posted by canadianskier View Post
For me its getting cleaned up and finding FOOD!! I am usually starving after skiing all day. I like to get out in the village and see the sights too.
Ditto! Food served next to a fireplace conveniently located next to a generous beer tap

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Originally Posted by wbsr View Post
Beer and food, in a hot tub!
AHA, I like where your head's at!!!
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After drying off my skis and putting my clothes in the airing cupboard,I like to have a hot shower, and a nap. Then wake up, have a glass of port by the fire, take a walk (in swiss villages this is a very peaceful exerience) and then duck into a restaurant for a meal, then back to hotel for drinks, or wander to a pub or club for drinks, depending on mood.

probably sounds v. boring.
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When staying in one resort years ago with a group of male friends, we had 10 minute uphill walk back to the hotel. With all of warm gear we were roasting by the time we got there. The first thing we'd all do was take of our jackets and drop our ski pants (we had thermals underneath!) to cool down.

One day when we got back to the room one of my friends said "quick boys, into the room, pants down." unknown to us, our hotel neighbours were standing behind us! We got funny looks for the rest of the week!
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party, eat a good meal, party
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SKI first, try to love the boots GOD they hurt on the first day (you need the apres ski to get through the pain!!!! pain killers or drink?)
try the spas, they help (austria has loads of them)
then the pub
by the time you have done that (and drank in the traditional Austrian way) you wake up and do it all again a bit worse for ware, but skiing will get rid of the hang over (try not to break anything whilst getting sober)
then start again!
for real apres ski visit www.skigastein.co.uk
have fun!
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I usually like to roll up a big doobie.

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