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Who's a better skier: Obama or McCain?

I guess it's time for a little ChairLift Politics. If there was a Nastar race between Obama and McCain, who would be the first one through the finish line? Or maybe instead of a race it was a big air contest. Who in your opinion would throw down the sickest trick? Personally, I think McCain has the balls to hit the bigger jump but he doesn't have the style or grace to do anything cool in the air. Obama on the other hand would probably just play it cool knowing that he has more endurance than the old guy. Anyways, I was imagining this race all day while at work and wanted to know what you all thought.

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I would imagine that McCain would be way gutsier than Obama. Obama would be the guy skiing down the hill under perfect control, doing his pole plants and turning in a regular pattern. McCain would thunder down the hill letting it all hang out. Until he had a spectacular crash. I mean, the guy crashed four or five fighter jets, right?

As it is, I don't think either of them Ski.

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If they had a race McCain would talk trash at the top, pick someone who knows nothing about skiing as his ski tech, go as fast as he can down the slope and crash half way down. Obama would carefully pick his way around him and win.
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Obama seems the kind of guy who would have perfect control on the slope. McCain wouldn't have any technique and just ski straight down the slope and hope for the best until hit a tree
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