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The Bode and Liko Affair

Check out this article on the killings in Franconia, NH. The writer tries to figure out why it happened and how it relates to Bode's life, career, and family. Interesting stuff. Such a sad story.


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Wow! That was a pretty interesting story.

I never expected to read much of what was in the artical. Actually it kind of blew me away to read about the circumstances surrounding that sad turn of events.

I had seen the video, but had no idea that it was a relative of Bode Miller doing the shooting.

I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into the artical or not, but the writer has some very interesting views on the use of marijuana. He brings up some very valid points concerning the criminal nature of the substance. I would like to see more writing from this guy. He has a unique way of writing and he is able make a point without coming right out and saying it.

Thanks a bunch for posting the link. I think that I am going to go back and re-read that artical.

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wow. there is just so much in that article that i found interesting. i am going to go reread it later. thanks a bunch for posting it!
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I'm really amazed by the cruelty of men...
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