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When will the Bush administration stop being ignorant on Global Warming?

When will the Bush administration stop being ignorant and accept Global Warming?

"A UN Conference on Climate Change, held in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997 resulted in an international agreement to fight global warming, which called for reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases by industrialized nations. Not all industrial countries, however, immediately signed or ratified the accord. In 2001 the G. W. Bush administration announced it would abandon the Kyoto Protocol; because the United States produces about one quarter of the world's greenhouse gases, this was regarded as a severe blow to the effort to slow global warming. Despite the American move, most other nations agreed later in the year (in Bonn, Germany, and in Marrakech, Morocco) on the details necessary to convert the agreement into a binding international treaty, which came into force in 2005 after ratification by more than 125 nations."

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The answer to that is probly when there is a new administration. At the end of the day if that is the current governments policy on Global Warming/ Greenhouse Gas emissions the government is hardly going to change it in a hurry especially if it benefits the econamy, their pockets and the pockets of big business.

Also taking into consideration that this Administration probably has the most influence/power worldwide economic or otherwise, nobody is going to be able to make them sign any type of agreement.

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why would they exclude China because it is considered a "developing country".

i am glad Bush did not sign the protocal.
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Not to be controversial, but Global Warming isn't necessarily happening to the extent we believe it. Ice caps aren't necessarily melting, sea levels aren't necessarily rising etc... There are no official unbiased reports or statistics out there so it's hard to tell.
Sure the US government should sign Kyoto, but I'm not sure it'll be catastrophic if they don't.
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Never, they get cash from oil, and they are stereotypical republicans.
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crashing hurts
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Read the book "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. He has done a ton of research and basically shoots holes in all of the arguments posed by the GW "experts".
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I don't know. I live in southeastern Mass and got 2 inches of snow 10/17/09.
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I hear global warming is not influenced by humanity, but by the sun itself. The greenhouse emissions we make are not worth taking into consideration.
The truth is that Earth's climate suffers violent changes quite often, and scientists said that the last 15000 years were unusually calm and smooth in terms of climate change. So maybe it's about time for Earth to heat-up a little.

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