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Advice needed on new skies


I've been looking around on the slopes and on forums for the perfect ski for myself.
I've been renting skies for the last couple of years, trying out different things, but I still need some advice.

I would call myself a pretty good skier.
Most of the time I ski on the slopes. I prefer red or black.
After the third time of skiing this season I found out I'm getting a bit bored on the slopes. I'd like to do a little more off piste and a little more jumping.
Still carving is my true love in skiing.
So I'm looking for a ski that's amazing in carving, but also quite good offpiste and on the ramps and stuff.

I'm a pretty big guy, 2 meters tall and kinda heavy, about 100 kilo's.
Because of my type of skiing plus my body I go really fast really soon.
So I need a very ferm ski.

I've been renting the Völkl Tigershark 2009/2010 the last couple of times, which I love. This is a very firm ski, that has awsome carving capabilities.
Then again, it doesn't work that well on the short turns on the steeper black slopes, and it's definitely not good offpiste. So it's good for me now, but it won't be good enough in the future I guess.

So do I need an all mountain? A freeride? A twintip, freestyle something something?
I'm kinda leaning towards Rossignol or Volkl, but I'm actually open for anything.
What would you advice me?
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