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Advice on skiis

I am new to skiing after years of snowboarding. I did a seasonal rental and was given Rossignol attraxion skis, and after reading more about them, I think they are good for me. I am 37, relatively fit, but not at all interested in ever skiing super fast, super steep...I was never like that in all my years of snowboarding either. I just like to meander along long greens or easy blues.

So here are my questions:

I do kind of agree that total beginner skis are actually harder to learn on than one or two steps up. I have been told that the attraxion was replaced with the Unique, that they are essentially the same. Is this true? Because I have found some 2013 attraxions for sale online, and they are about $100 cheaper. So if they are totally identical, it seems like a good choice.

In the US, there are Unique, Unique 6, 8 and 10. Overseas there is also a 2, 2s, 4, 4s. When I read the info, it actually seems like the 2 and 2s are the same. What does the S stand for? Likewise with the 4 and the 4s.

And actually, the 2, 2s, 4 or 4s all seem like a slight step up from the Unique and Attraxion base, and I am considering buying some from overseas. Is there a reason I shouldnt? Is there a similar ski available in the US to these? Why arent they available in the US?

Thanks so much!
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