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ANy Recommendations for an Expert Skier?

I have been skiing since i was 5 so that means i have been doing so for over 10 years, and while i have become and expert skiier, I haven't given much thought as to what pair of skis and boots i had been using. To me, whatever i used seemed to work fine. Since i am done growing i decided to look in to buying a really good pair of skis that could last a while and could be fitted with a pair of bindings that would facilitate back-country skiing in the future. Because a new pair of expensive ski's isn't in the family budget for this year, my parents said they would be fine with getting a really nice pair for next season(will have to settle with renting a decent pair this year) are there any skis/boots/bindings coming out this year that are especially good or would a set thats already out be a better choice.

in terms of skiing, i prefer double-blacks which I can ski proficiently at high speeds. i do ski in powder often yet i also find myself skiing groomed runs at high speeds during my trips to the slopes.

any recommendations/advice in terms of what to purchase would be really helpful!


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I think everyone has different preferences so you would have to try some. If you will be renting some equipment this year you can try and decide which do you like the most. I think if you do not want to spend a lot of money you should look for some skis from 2007 for example it will be much cheaper.
So I would recomand to try
Rossignol Zenith Z9
Atomic Metron B5

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well if you want to spend alot of money on it some great skis for all around like backcountry powder park and all mountain the scartch brigade would be good and if you paird those with the marker duke bindigs that would be great those binding are realy good for back country and hiking becasue the backs of them can come out when you want so you can hike and stuff
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