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Are there kids 110 cm twin tip skis with rocker?

I am trying to find the right ski for my son. He is a pretty aggressive 5 year old who likes to ski in the park and would spend all day there if allowed. He still needs to ski the rest of the mountain and have lessons to build his all-around skills. Twin tips will help with the park part but is rocker crucial? I can not seem to find skis in the 110 cm size with at least early rise on both ends.

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Try the armada company, they Deffo do a kids twin tip, think its called bantam. Www.skis.com do a wide range, they would be my first port of call although not likely to be cheapest. Good luck, I wish I had started skiing at your sons age!

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I suggest Nordica GPTJ Junior Boot. My nephew is using this. He is a 7 years old kid and very aggressive in snow too. He's loving the game and he became comfortable with the boots.
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