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Army ski questions

Thinking of buying some new in wrapper US Army skis on Ebay. I need to replace my 1979 waxless skis with something that can better handle my 6'1" 265 lb size. I used Army skis in Alaska. They worked well, but I don't remember them THAT well.

1. Do they come in different sizes? The seller says no. I don't remember us fitting them. These are 200cm.

2. Are they narrow in the middle and wide at the ends? The Army skis are over 3 1/2" wide in front, but the same width as my 1979 skis at the middle.

3. Do they have eyelets in the front tips?

4. Do they lack markings?

5. Are they made in Canada by Elan?

6. Are they pretty resistant to careless storage?

7. Is the ski size up to my weight?

I want these for casual back country skiing. I want waxed skis. It also doesn't snow much here, so I don't want to spend $500-$1k for new skis.



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OK, done a litle research...

I checked the Milspec on this. Army skis DO come in 4 sizes up to 210cm. The Ebay skies DO look legit, but they're only in 200cm or buy the 3 pr box in 200cm or 210 cm and I can't select length.

My old skis are actually 215cm and 2" full length.

Would a 200 or 210 carry my size?

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Let's Get Going
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Thanks for raising this topic up. I have a few family members who are big-sized too and buying skis to fit them nicely can be a tough issue. Even though it is only for ski lessons, I think it is important to own the right pair of skis to enable the skier to get used to the pair that he/she owns. Getting the right pair also makes the skier comfortable and hence, increases his/her focus and eventual performance.
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this actually helps
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