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Back at it again...

So after many moons of not skiing due to multiple of reason, started skiing again last year with the kids that can and want to ski now.

I have some Atomic RC8 skis I purchased after learning to ski back in 2006. Used season and a half the they just collected dust until now.

I'm looking at possibly getting new skis and any input would be great. Size, type, brand, etc.

Size of the ski are 106-65-95=16; 166. I mainly only ski in the Midwest (MN is hometown, will be skiing in WI as well on occasions). I'm an intermediate skier, usually ski all type of runs around hometown, taken multiple lessons. Also, skied out west last season and did mostly blues and the occasional black runs when forced. Will probably not use these ski's out west on our hopefully yearly planned trips.

Not sure what other info I need to include, but would be happy to provide as needed.

Thanks in advance.

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Added information. 99% of the skiing I do is in the Twin Cities are. So groomed people made snow. If we get any measureable snow all skiers in the area call in sick and it becomes hard packed something or the other before sunrise. Skied in Breckenridge last year and with the kids wanting and needing to ski now, sure we will make a trip out west at least once a year.

Upgraded old boots to the Tecnica Phoenix 120 HVL and purchased them in MN. I have cinder blocks for feet. Old boots were Atomics wide feet model as well don't recall model I bought ~6 years ago. This time went to a really good master boot fitter in area and going for third fitting this weekend.

Haven't explored demo programs in the area but going to look into it. I'm not in a hurry and don't want to show up to any of the shops blind and clueless.

5'8" ~200lbs (and slowly but surely dropping).

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Hi, good move with the boots, fit is soooo important.
You sound like you need to be looking for a frontside carver for an everyday ski, you can always get a day rental for some fatties if your lucky enough to get a powder day.
Demoing is the best way to get a feel for what you like. If you find yourself singing to a song only you can hear or catch yourself grinning til your face aches then you have found the skis for you!
Google ski reviews and check out what other people think it might narrow down your search.
Cheapest is not always worse likewise expensive is not always best. If in doubt rent! You can always ask for a flexible rental where you check out diff skis til you find one you like (bit like a demo but more spread out) some shops give you an option to buy at a heavy discount when you do this. Have fun x
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Midwestfabs, you have an impressive taste in choosing skis. Nice choices, enjoy skiing!
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You might also find that renting ski clothing is cheaper and gets you better quality clothing than buying new stuff, outgrowing it, and buying new kids clothing every season. There are a few sites that allow you to rent it online and they deliver it to your door. snowcents is one site. I know there are others.
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