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Breakaway binding for 88cm or smaller skiblades?

i plan on using 88cm or preferably the smallest possible skiblades/boards if i can find them. the only disadvantage i could think of for using breakaways with these is if they unexpectidly break off when hitting a rut,landing a jump,grinding etc. so, my question is when using such short skis, does it really matter if i have locked in bindings if i fall or something because if i twist around and kartwheel god forbid, then the skis will be so short that it shouldn't effect me breaking a limb or foot, right? or am i kinda dead center on breakaways could come off unexpectidly and locked in bindings can injury easier if fall?

also, don't persuade me to try bigger skis, i used regular skis probably 20X and last time i borrowed 88cm skiboards and loved the controll and could hit jumps and land almost wherever without a giant ski having to bend and make everything a lot harder. the only thing i miss out with small skis is speed, but all i have to do is not carve, and i'll soon be going way faster than i'd ever want to.


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i was told on another forum that he's seen plenty of knees,feet etc broken from not using releasable bindings even with such short skis or skiblades so i will get those and make em tight enough so don't come unexpectidly off when i don't want them to.
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