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Buying advice

Hi guys,

I'll just introduce myself, Im Theo, I've been skiing about 10 years and I like to think of myself as fairly accomplished (at least on the piste anyway) which brings me to my topic; Im looking to branch out into doing some terrain park/half pipe skiing as blasting down the piste all day is fun but can get old after a while.

I'm currently riding a pair of Salamon Street Racers, and recently hired my first pair of twin tips to hit the terrain park. So no sooner had I got up the mountain I found myself edging and sliding around, I just asumed the edge control wasn't as good (or maybe I was just ski-ing badly I dont know)

Anyway I went back to my street racers later that afternoon and was fine. My question is, is there a pair of terrain (ideally twin tip skis) that are available but that can give me the same sort of edge grip for piste bashing. I understand there may be some sort of tradeoff involved depending what area of skiing you want to specialise in.

Any advice would be helpful, sorry for the long winded approach

many thanks

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