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Buying first set of skis, boots, poles. Please help!

Hi all, I started skiing very recently, currently on blues/greens. Hoping to go to blacks within next two or so weeks. I am probably what they classify as a Type II skier, I like going fast (not always good idea as I've found out...at least not at my skill level thus far )

I'm 6ft6, 210lbs. I went to the ski store yesterday just to measure shoe size and such. Mondo size 30 is what I need, my shoe size is 13. I would like the boots to have micro adjustable clamps, and the skis to be about 170-175cm. I'm looking for something to grow into and that will last several years. At my skill level I probably don't need something extremely stiff, but rather something in the middle of the stiffness range (skis). What would you recommend as some good boots, poles and skis that I could get all together for around 500 (do not need this year's model, I'm more than fine buying used skis). Thank you in advance
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