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Buying my First pair of boots

I have been on a few ski trips now, once to Switzerland and twice to Adora.

I also like to go indoor skiing and wanted to purchase my first pair of boots and wondered if ex-rental ones would be suitable? I saw a pair on eBay for 10 and they have my size. Hear is the link;


I have always found hire boots OK.Would they be OK for trips abroad and the odd trip to an indoor ski center? I also would be fitting them with a self fitting kit. look forward to your reply!

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Hi Ash,
I would say your extremley lucky, if you have found a good fit on rentals / hire (boots).

My personal advice would be to go to a reputable ski shop & get boots that fit properly, it is well worth the expense. A little tip, tell the sales assistent you are happy to look at last seasons stock, often you can save a substaincal sum, as it helps them sell something that is "old stock", and you are still getting a new pair of boots ! Which fit YOUR FEET - exactly.
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