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Buying used skis... Rossi Bandit B2s

I'm looking to buy a used set of Rossi Bandit B2 skis but my knowledge of equpiment has eroded with time.

1. One pair I was looking at said they had been mounted 1x already. Can you mount another time without losing anything?

2. Are demo bindings okay?

I used these skis last year in UT and fell in love with them and my daughter (8) wants to ski with me this year so I need an upgrade from my 4S's (please don't snicker...I get enough laughing at from the ski shop :0).

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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Nothing wrong with demo bindings. They're designed to accomodate any size boot.

You can second mount another pair of bindings without effecting the performance of the ski. A reputable tech will install plugs where the original screw holes were drilled. The new set of bindings will have different size screws and a different placement for the screws.

If you can, have a certified tech check the skis out first.

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1. Usually no problem, depends on why the remount. normally different bindings have different enough screw patterns. If you are remounting the same bindings, I guess it is because you have a different boot size now, so they should move a little anyway.
You may end up being a mm or two away from the 'perfect' mount, but that wont affect most people.
2. Demos bindings are 'okay'. Generally heavier and more durable. which is good and bad. If you are a groomer skier, then heavy bindings are good, if you prefer more off-piste / techincal terrain, then I find a lighter binding is better.
Functionality wise - demo is just as good
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