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Calling all ski bums - help with ski choice

Hi guys,

I need some advice. I'm 18 years old, fit, 5 ft 10, 78kg's, and am about to spend a ski season in st anton (luck me eh?). I've been looking into buying some skis, and have been researching into it for a couple of weeks at work. I know the saying 80% of skiiers think they're experts, but 80% of those are intermediates, but i consider myself a competent skiier, having skiid pretty much every year since a very young age: any type of groomed slopes present no problem, and i've been doing off piste for a bit, and would consider myself to be inbetween level 2 and 3 of this websites skill level rating:
No doubt i'll improve a hell of a lot through the season, and i would like some expert (or just well informed) advice on what skis would suit me. I'm an aggressive skiier, no pussy-footing about, and i have been looking at freeride skis (preferably with twin tips, as i enjoy larking about facing the wrong way hehe). These are the skis i've been looking at atm:
-salomon lords (177cm)
-volkl mantra (177cm)
-k2 obsethed (179cm)
I'd also appreciate any advice or suggestions on appropriate bindings and poles, and whether to buy here (where it'll probably be cheaper), or wait until i get to st anton.

Thanks for the help!


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I'm no expert, but I work at a retail store, which sells skis in one of our departments. Ive seen the K2 ObSethed alot, and they look great. Wide, with some flex, not too bad. Definitely take a look.

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I can't comment on the skis you listed, but I have the Dynastar troublemakers and I love them. They come in a 175cm length 85mm under boot and medium flex. Work well in or out of the park.
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Working the Gnar!
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Mach 3 Power

Year: 2008/2009
Ski Type:
Level III (Expert)
MSRP Price: $1,495
(with binding)
Tip / Waist / Tail:
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K2 Obsethed

I would definitely go with the K2 Obsethed because of its big mountain capabilities. They work great with heavy terrain!
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I second the dynastar troublemakers for groomers and park, but i wasn't a fan for off-piste and powder (generally due to width). They are probably a good option though.

If you're looking to do more powder and off-piste, I suggest the Armada ARV's, thats what I ride. A bit wider than the troublemakers so they float through the powder a bit better and handle off-piste a bit better too, but more work to hold an edge on hard-packed groomers.

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