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Can't decide between Line Prophet or Blend for ex-skiboarder.

I have been a long time skiboarder and I'm wanting to move back in to skiing. I know for sure that I want to get Lines, and have been looking at the Prophet 90 and 100 for over a year, and recently started looking at the Blends. Reading their descriptions and reviews they all seem very similar, so I'm not sure which is right for me.

I rode my skiboards pretty aggressively down the mountain, but not so much in the park except for hitting the big air jumps. I also spend a lot of time off the beaten path. I'd like to continue that style, but get back to the pow that I've been missing for so long (damn skiboards), but also start to apply myself more in the park other then just flying.

So which is the best all-mountain for a former skiboarder?
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