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Can't decide on ski wax.

I know many here will not agree but I am looking at one of two waxing items(which are the non melt wax). These items are the Swix All snow glide wax(http://www.ems.com/1/1/3961-swix-all...glide-wax.html) or the swix glide liquid waxhttp://www.pacosxc.com/product_info....oducts_id=1121. I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with these waxes. Im not sure which of the two I should purchase. Thankyou for your time.

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Hello Irenic,

Looking at the links you provided, would this be for Xcountry skis?

Way back in the day of working in retail ski shops, Swix was the preferred wax though I'm sure technology has advanced considerably since then.

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no. Im just a recreational downhill skier. Still on the green trails but i can take some blues with only falling a couple of times. The reason why I was going with swix is because a gentleman in the ski shop by Camel back mtn. suggested it. If you have other suggestions of other brand names that go with the same applying technique id be more then happy to take interest.
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