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Cold pinkies! (freezing feet)

Hi all,

I have a pair of Nordica ski boots with custom fit foot beds. The problem I have though is that my toes end up freezing cold and numb (I wear Bridgenorth and Lange Ski socks) after a short while - to the extent that I am sure I could chop them off and not feel a thing

Has any one got any recommendations on how I can keep them warm and the circulation flowing. I don't really want to lay out >100+ on heated footbeds; besides, they will probably not fit well with my current foot beds (or would they?).
I have seen some little disposable packs of toe warmers but do you then end up with a bulk of material in your toe box and lose any feel?
Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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hey! that exact thing happens to me too, im outs skiing for hours on end. i just use those foot warmers and for your hands, the hand warmers are great!
heres a link =) i buy these things in bulk for the season, let me know if ya like um

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