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Dalbello Rave's, NEED HELP!!!

Well I'v been searching around the internet and i haven't been able to find any good information about the Dalbello raves.

Recently, a store near me went out of business and i picked up a pair of the raves for 50% off, so only $150. I'm not a park skier, but im not a racer. i like to go fast but i like to screw around so these boots seem perfect.

lately, i have been messing around with, trying to break them in and find the right settings since i wont ski again till august when i go to new zealand. i found the the front buckle, unscrewed all the way and without a foot in the boot, cannot be buckled at the tightest setting. the actaul boot wont let it. now is this just my boot? because i feel like i might be missing out on some extra tightening...

also, i have realized that when i buckle the buckle that goes across the ankle to keep your foot and heel in place, the buckle on the top of my foot, above the one that wont close all the way, cannot be closed enough. it it turned to the tightest setting and is placed on the farthest rung, yet it is still not tight enough. once again, i dont know if its me or the boot, but i feel like somethings wrong

finally, the adjustment in the back that changes the boot from soft to stiff doesn't seem to work to its fullest. im not such a park rider so i want to put the boot to the stiff side. now the part you have to loosen tightens whether you go all the way to the left or all the way to the right. so in the middle it lose. now i try to push it up from the soft setting to the hard setting, but it will only move to the midway point, not all the way up. is this my boot? or all boots?

any help would be good. this is my first post, and if you dont have the boot, it may be hard to understand so please ask me questions to clarify if you need.

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sounds like you need to get a boot that fits if you are going to NZ Queenstown then go to browns they will help you out

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The boot fits, it feels great, and i been messing with it and im pretty sure it will ski perfectly, especially if it tightens up when it gets cold. It just that i want to get it perfect, but i mean i can easily live with how they fit. im just wondering what i can do, i mean i cant take these back anyway, it was a going out of business sale. i could sell them but i really do like them
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