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Did i buy the wrong length twin tip?


i just bought some Salomon Knight 10/11 Twin tips in 171cm... I wanted 179cm but they didnt have any and said for wat i want the 171 would be awesome.

I am 83kg's and 185cm (6 foot).

I will be mainly skiing on the mountain at preshier and every now and then hitting jumps and boxs but prob 95% all mountain.

I rang up again today feeling that 171 might be to short and he said cos i am not doing powder that the 171 would be fine.

I thought it was to short but the guys there kept saying it was fine and his a ski instructor etc...

i was excited to find those ski's.... we only went for boots for my wife and than bought the ski's after being there for an hour.
cant really buy another set.

o well. I want a set of ski's that i dont have to replace in the next few years as i improve heaps more

What are your thoughts? (i def wanted twin tips)

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Hey, I am 54kg, 167cm, and I ski on 165 skis..... My husband is lighter than you but same height, he's on 174 I think. Perisher is not my fave place, but that length should give you good control for the crud they have there. If you wanna go faster though, you may end up wishing for longer planks. Hope that helps
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