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Did I get a good Deal

Hello everyone,
Names Denis, New member, and I have a question regarding some ski's i bought on craigslist. I don't know a heck of a lot about ski's but recently the gf put the idea of spending the winter skiing, so having skied some twenty years ago i went on down to the basement and pulled out the o'l K2's and brought em down to the local ski shop, well i walked in with em and they actually laughed at em and told me they couldn't even work on them and suggested i get into some new ones, well i had no idea how much these flat sticks cost and was soon very discouraged at the 6 7 8 hundred dollar skis they were tryin to sell me so off to look for a bargain on craigslist or ebay i went. After about a week of being glued to the computer i landed Elan mantra m8 fusion, they look like they have Never been used and came with poles and a swix carry bag for a hundred, now I wont bother asking if i got a good deal on that, but looking for skis for the gf i bought today Volkl energy 380 with marker motion LT gamma bindings, These also look very new with little use. The gf is 5'2" and these ski's are 149cm 108mm 66mm 97mm with 11.5m radius. paid 150. for them. I would like to know what type of ski this is, ie. Beg/int, is a good ski and did i get a good deal on em? I dont really know anything about these curvy ski's, Thank you for input in advance and hope to see ya on the slopes. (I'll be the one on his ass. =).......
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