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Do I have the right gear for improving my offpist riding?

Hi all! I'm new in this forum... And I signed up to get to know some stuff about freeriding/powder skiing.

Short introduction:


I'm Roland, 24 years old from the Netherlands (178 cm's tall and 74 kilo's)

I've been a ski instructor in austria for 6 months last year. And in 2 weeks I'm gonna be in austria again for another 5 months. Now, I've done the regular offpist slopes near the prepared slopes and I must say the riding on the unprepared slopes... it's getting better and better. But I want to take my skiing to the next level.

And therefore I want to aks you guys about material & teqnique, to give me a better understanding off what I'm doing. Also I watch a lot of ski DVD's to get a better knowlegde of teqniques concerning offpist and onpist riding as I know knowlegde can really help one get better.

My hardware right now is a set of Nordica Hotrod Jetfuel's 178 CM longs (I'm 178 tall myself)

Model: Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 170/16.7 178/18.4 186/20.1
Sidecut: 126-84-112

Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel XBS ALU (2007) - Ski-Review.com

.. I'm skiing with them offpist and onpist as they are quite wide but still have a great grip on the hardpack when carving. And therefore they are a little heavy and stiff.

Now I don't have a lot of money, but I was wondering if these ski's are the best around for an intermediate offpist skier?

Do you guys have the opinion that it's really important to get a pair of ski's that are only focused on offpist or do you think I should just use my current ski's (which I really like by the way). Will I learn as fast on the ski's I have right now or should I get an extra pair? And if so... what type/brand/length off ski?

Please give me tips ... I really want to improve this comming season!

Thx in advance!
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