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Dynastar nothing but trouble 07/08 for all-mountain skiing?

Hey ski-peeps.
Ive decided to buy my first pairs of ski this year, since I'll no longer grow from them in a year :) I've been skiing for about a week a year in the past 7-8 years, so Im not the pro **** yet.
I want a pair of twintipped skis.
I've been looking around on the used-market, and I have now got a good offer on a pair of almost new (used 2 hours) dynastar nothing but trouble 07/08 175 cm, with NX JIB bindings. Im in doubt whether or not this ski will but too park-orientated for me, some says its a 100% park ski, too soft for pists, some says its a nice all mountain ski. What to believe?!?
I'll probably be skiing something like 45% pist, 30% off-pist and 25%park. When I'm on pist though, i like to play around, jumping, skiing backwards and so on.. And I'm not the adicted speed-devil :)

There are other offers out there, e.i. salomon 1080 foil and rossignol scratch
What do you guys think? would love if u could drop a comment or two.

Btw, im 181 cm and wegiht like 70 kilos and sorry for my english spelling skils
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