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First ski clothes purchase

Hi, I've just joined here, and initially am looking for some advice on ski clothes, in particular the outer layers, as I know very little about them. Up until now I've always begged, borrowed or hired my clothes. However as I am off for my fourth time in March I figure it's about time I buy some. I'm after a jacket and salopettes, and currently I've seen some stuff by dare2be in a local shop, that to me looks OK. However I can't find much info on it on the web. I've also had a look in TK Maxx but, again, don't feel I know enough to know whether I'd be getting anything good or not. The other option I've read about is Decathlon. Can anyone tell me, is the dare2be stuff (which I think was about 120 for jacket, 80 for salopettes) OK for the money or should I try decathlon? Or something else?
Any advice will be much appreciated.


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TK Maxx is definately the place to buy ski gear if you are looking to get it cheap. It is still quality stuff it's just that its old season from last year or something! I have seen some dare2be stuff and it looks pretty good, don't see why you would have a problem with it. Personally, I woudn't spend more than 200 on a jacket and salopettes!
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