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From skiboards to twin tips

Hey guys.

I've been skiboarding for 8+ years. I started out renting skiblades on Whiteface on a hockey tournament and then the next year I bought Canon M7's with Bomber Elite bindings and have ridden them through today.

While I love my M7's and skiboarding, I think I've outgrown them. I'm 22 years old and feel like my skiing abilities have surpassed my skiboards. I would like to move on to twin tips. I don't know if I'll use poles (to keep to the skiboard style) but that's a whole other story.

What twin tip ski would you recommend for me? I'm 6 foot, 200 pounds. I don't hang out in the park or hit jumps primarily, I'm looking for an all mountain board. I want something that can handle speed but also take on some moguls.

Whenever it comes to twin tips, the company that always comes up is Line. Are they still a contender? I have a hard time giving my business to a company that completely abandoned skiboarding. What skis would you suggest? What bindings, also? I'm totally new to the twin tip scene, as you can tell and I need all the help possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. My black Canon M7's and Bomber Elite's will be up for sale shortly.

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I love Line... awesome make... If you aren't hitting the park, the prophet 90 is the way to go....

Or just get some Scott Punishers and be amazed...
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