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GD Rocker

Hope someone can help 72 yr old skier looking to slow down a little and enjoy more years skiing.
Just traded Volkl Tiger Sharks and thought, with all hype, rocker might be the way to go. "Ease" of this and "ease?
" of that and all. Well, demo'd Volkl RTM 81 last yr. Good reviews but I did not like. Couldn't bang quick turns like Tshark and skidded most turns clumsily. Did not buy but spent all fall on web studying and learning, I thought, about the new skiis and after seeing many great reviews about Blizzard Magnum 80 CA. bought a pair. W
hat a disaster. Cannot control, skid way too much and chatter almost every turn. What gives? Realize I might or probably am, skiing incorrectly but cannot figure out what to do. I used to be advanced and loving it. Lost all faith in ski and myself when crashed on beginner slope under lift, of course. Should I go back to older non rocker if I can find? Volkl 5 star my fav yrs ago. Help. I dont want to stop skiing

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I am 71 and have been doing research on skis for soft snow, either powder or crud, and primarily for bump terrain. I need to make short, quick turns in the moguls and have decided I probably need shorter, lighter weight, more flexible skis with some rocker.
I have decided on skis with rocker front and back with camber in the middle. Some sidecut but not too much and a wider ski than I have now (around 100 at the waist).
Your new skis seem pretty close to what I am looking for. My research indicates that rocker is for soft snow, not hard pack. In fact, a very good skier friend of mine cautioned me against using rockered skis on hard pack.
I have read several articles about poor ski instructors being faced with students who show up with rockered skis. Apparently they have a rather specialized niche and are definitely not for ice and hard packed groomers.
I have no experience on them yet, so take what I say for what it is worth: about my two cents!

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Thanks for kind imput. Have since realized what you said is true. Have found my soul mate in rossi pursuit 16, 170. Front rocker only and gives nice float in crud with 90 percent camber grip. Great ski for me. Fast, stable, fun and lively.
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