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Geting back in to skiing need input on my "new" gear

A little intro about me, When i was younger i skied all the time with my family then got older and stopped then joined the ski club in school and skied until my jr. year in high school and sr.(05) year i bought all new equipment but thighs happened and never used my stuff.

So 5 years later im 23 yo. 5'3 Male 145 lb. and I have a pair of Elan mantis M8 152, Nordica easy move 8 boots and Rossignol axium 110 bindings. How is this stuff for my stats and the fact I havent skied in years? Im hoping to get back in to skiing this year I used to ski Hunter and Belleayre Mt. in NY Camel back, JFBB, and Blue Mt. in PA and being from jersey Mt. creek but i never liked it there. I ski mostly green and blue and carve nice and hard. I assume my bindings have to be re adjusted for my weight(i was 120 when i bought them). There is light rust on the edges and minor scuffs on the bottoms so should i have them sharpened and waxed? Anyone know any good ski shops in central jersey?
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