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Getting new skis

Hi everyone, I am looking into buying a pair of all mountain twin tip skis and I have narrowed it down to the Line Prophet Flites. The question I have is that I cannot decide which size to get. I am 5 foot 10, 140 pounds, and an upper intermediate to lower advanced level skier.

At first I was leaning towards the 165s but I was told that because these are twin tips they will ski shorter. I also want to include that because I am 17 I will still be growing a bit for a few more years and I would like these skis to last some time. So what size do you guys recommend based of the information I gave. The 165s or the 172s?


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If you can carry a 171, then choose it. But it would be difficult if its bigger for your size.

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Hi, welcome!
If you get the chance DEMO! Usually the cost of demoing is offset by a discount on the purchase of new skis. Try a few styles, you may find that you prefer a different ski altogether after trying a few out. That way you can try both the 165's and the 172's assuming both are stocked and available.
Quite honestly I doubt 7cm will make a whole lot of difference, if you want your ski's to last a few seasons it might be worth spending the time and money to make sure they work for you.
If you can't demo, then rent on the hill and try swapping at lunchtime, speak to the guys doing the renting, if they know they might make a sale they are usually only to keen to share their knowledge. Have fun!
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