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Sure, I'll try it
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Hello, first post for me


I'm going to try and take up skiing this Winter and I have a few questions. First, choosing the correct size of ski. I imagine it has something to do with my height, which is 6ft. Do I need to consider boat size too or are the straps adjustable, removable so I can use other size straps? I don't know anything about skiing other then what I've seen in movies so any info will be appreciated.

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Good on ya, for havin a go.
You can leave the "boat" at home, but a pair of boots might be a good idea.
They musta been some real ole movies, if they had straps on em!
If you get yourself to a 1/2 decent resort &hire your gear from a reputable company (prefeably right at the place) , they will sort you out with the right gear. Hiring at the place where your skiing means that you can call in if something needs a minor adjustment, once you've done a couple of runs.
All the best with it, and HAVE FUN !!!

The Ice-Cutter

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Sure, I'll try it
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Hahaha, I did put "Boat" in there didn't I? The resort idea sounds great but it's probably not going to happen. After I pay for all the passes and then rent the equipment I will be broke. I'm thinking of asking if I can borrow my Uncle's old ski's, he doesn't use them, until I can afford a used pair of my own. I don't plan on starting out with much downhill skiing. I live in WV near a place called Dolly Sods and it's fairly level up there, thought I would start with a cross-country ski. Ah, which would bring up another question. I'll need a good coat, gloves and pants, right? Any recommendations?
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