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I have never really worn one while I have been sking but I am looking to get one for next season. Any sugestions?

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i've been wearing a helmet skiiing since i was 3 and i'vew had 2 styles. i used to have a racing one which was great however the style's changed in the past few years to a skate style. i had a carrera but i now have a giro fuse which is brilliant it has a switch on the back to open the air vents which appart from appearance of the helmet is a major diff cos the racing style can get fairly hot and sweaty. your goggles will play a major role in the helmet fit. take your goggles with you to make sure there's a good fit.

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Helmets>>>> I say, YES for them. Especially for my kids, who can go crazy sometimes on the hill

If you see them going over bumbs and rails.... you do think about their "coconut"... rather crack your helmet then your head.. right!!!!

As for me, from the older school, I do not like them, but I put it on, when "forced going through the trees".

Have fun and be safe on the slopes JJ
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Didn't have one for this season but after a week of serious close calls I am really considering it!
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Yea I've never worn one myself but will look into this year, it doesn't make sense not to really!
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crashing hurts
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I'm seriously considering getting a helmet too. I make sure that my son always wears his, so I should probably follow suit.
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Lead by example

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