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Old 11-12-08, 07:36 AM   #16
I crash a lot!
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Originally Posted by wbsr View Post
there is no reason NOT to wear a helmet nowadays. they are so light you don't know you are wearing one. they keep you nice and warm with a degree of protection.
most people not wearing them are just too stubborn to know whats good for them.
I agree completely. A lot people say they do not wear a helmet because they do not crash a lot but I'm sure most are aware that many injuries on the mountain result from collisions and everyone is subject to being hit by another skier or boarder. I don't crash my car a lot, but I still wear a seat belt. Same principle.

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Old 17-12-08, 06:09 AM   #17
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I ski better and more confidently with a helmet on - it allows you to ski outside your comfort zone. Never mind the fact that it's warmer than any tuque can be. Need to teach a good example to my 8 year old daredevil son too!

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Old 22-12-08, 04:36 AM   #18
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i hate helmets, they all look really ****ing dorky and stupid, they're uncomfortable, and they overall suck balls

that being said, i wear a helmet and i hate it

i wear helmets biking, too, and last summer i happened to slam my head on a rock, cracking the helmet, barely felt a thing. good thing i was wearing a helmet or i'd probably be a retarded motionless vegetable leaking drool down my face & having someone else wipe my ass

i think i'd rather risk looking like a dork with a helmet than the above for a lifetime
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Old 17-11-10, 07:36 PM   #19
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after almost loosing an eye at the park, I srarted to wear one. always.
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Old 25-11-10, 12:22 PM   #20
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I agree 100% there are no excuses now not to wear one...
For any anti-helmet-wearers amongst you, would you wear one with a Fosi attached (see Fosi Originals website)?
More of a girl thing I know!
Would appreciate your feedback-
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Old 26-11-10, 12:57 PM   #21
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You bet I wear a helmet! Grew up skiing without one, but started using one last year. Nice and warm.
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Old 01-01-11, 07:24 PM   #22
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helmet is a must. i'm confident in my own skiing abilities but not the other people on the mountain. one of my ski buddies got their arm broken by a guy that had never been on skis before and lost control.
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Old 03-01-11, 07:07 AM   #23
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I may come in from the rain, this year, a good mate has said I should start wearing one & since he is a better skier than me, I guess he has the "cuedos" to say it!
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Old 18-01-11, 01:47 AM   #24
Skier Chick
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I never wore a helmet before the day I misread the snow, hit a big jump and landed on my head... that was my last time skiing without a helmet. It is wonderful, keeps my head and ears warm, even in heavy winds, and I feel safe.
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Old 18-01-11, 08:02 AM   #25
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i won't wear it when it's short distance, but for long, of course, i should take it to protect me.

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